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Prof. Arun Patil

From the HOD's desk

"It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the JSPM's, Bhivarabai Sawant Institute of Technology & Research (BSIOTR). Mechanical Engineering has been traditionally thought as discipline, applying principles of basic sciences in manufacturing, transfer & flow of energy & design. Today, Mechanical Engineering has evolved and seen almost in all the technical advancements around. The Mechanical Engineers of today are multidisciplinary, with knowledge from other branches of engineering.

Ever since the establishment of this institution, our primary goal for undergraduate students is to train future leaders with high-quality technical education. The aim of department is to disseminate knowledge and technologies through quality teaching, research and its applications in mechanical and allied disciplines. We believe in a broad education which instills a sense of lifelong learning, community and leadership values in students, together with an appreciation of global issues.

Our dedicated faculty graduated from renowned universities grows our leading-edge research programs in dynamics, energy, thermo-fluids, design & manufacturing etc. We strive to ensure that all our young students have a strong education with leadership, management skills, team work and responsibility towards society.

I welcome your interest in our department and wish you a very successful and enjoyable experience with us. While this website attempts to provide you information that will help you discover our facilities. Last but not least, we value any comment or suggestion you may have regarding your experiences with this department website. Please feel free to come and talk to us at any time, or contact us via the details. "

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"Education today, more than ever before, must see clearly the dual objective: education for living and educating for making a living."

"James Mason Wood"

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