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Lab Incharge : Prof. V. R. Mohite

Major Equipment : Two Stage Air Compressor test rig ,

Digital bomb calorimeter,Cloud and Pour point apparatus

Cleveland flash and fire point apparatus,Seperating & Throttlig

Calorimeter, Orsat Gas Analysis Apparatus

Gas Calorimeter (Juker Type)

Utility : To covers curriculum of Thermodynamics, Automobile

Engineering etc. subjects of S.E. and B.E.

Industrial Fluid Power

Lab Incharge : Prof. D.G. Mhaisne

Major Equipment : Advanced Hydraulic Trainer ,

Customized Electro pneumatic Trainer with Compressor

Testing of Pressure Relief Valve with Air Compressor

Cleveland flash and fire point apparatus

Utility : To covers curriculum of Industrial Fluid Power, Fluid

Power etc. subjects of S.E.Engineering etc. subjects of S.E. and B.E.


Lab Incharge : Prof. S. B. Jadhav

Major Equipment : Autodesk Product Design Suite for Education ,

Creo 1.0 university Plus site edition

Ansys Version 14 ,32000 nodes.

Master CAM X5

Utility :To covers curriculum of Computer Aided Design, Computer

Aided Manufacturing etc. subjects of S.E.

Dynamics of Machines

Lab Incharge : Prof. S. B. Jadhav

Major Equipment : Universal vibration apparatus with 12

experiments, Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus,Whirling of

Shaft,Shock Absorber Test Rig

Utility :To covers curriculum of Dynamics of Machines etc.

subjects of T.E.

Turbo Machines

Lab Incharge : Prof. P. P. Shitole

Major Equipment : Impact of Jet Apparatus

Pelton wheel Turbine Test Ring

Kaplan Turbine Test Ring

Centrifugal Pump Test Ring

Utility :To covers curriculum of Turbo Machines,

Fluid Power etc. subjects of T.E.

Internal Combustion Engines

Lab Incharge : Prof. V. R. Mohite

Major Equipment : Electronic Ignition system, Exhaust Gas Analyser

Indus Make 5 Gases, Computerised Variable compression ratio engine

testrig with multifuel system apex Make Computerised 4 Stroke

Multicylinder petrol Engine With hydraulic dynamometer

Computerised 3 cyl. 4 stroke Diesel Engine Testrig with eddy current

dynamometer Fuel Supply system Demo model Petrol Engine

Utility :To covers curriculum of Internal Combustion Engines,

Automobile Engineering etc. subjects of S.E. and B.E.

Theory of Machines

Lab Incharge : Prof. P. P. Shitole

Major Equipment : Centrifugal Governor,Epicyclic Gear Train

Apparatus Involute gear teeth board model Model of cam and follower

Rope break dynamometer Cam analysis Machine MS models,Friction

Clutch apparatus

Utility :To covers curriculum of Theory of Machines subjects of T.E.

Automobile Engineering etc. subjects of S.E. and B.E.

Metrology and Quality Contol

Lab Incharge : Prof. A. V. Nichat

Major Equipment : Vernier Caliper 0-25mm,Vernier Caliper Digital

0-200mm,Micrometer 0-25mm,Micrometer 25-50 mm,Angle gauge

set standard Sine Bar (200mm), Slip Gauge set standard,Vernier height

gauge digital 0-200mm,Vernier Depth gauge 90-200mm,

Monocromatic light unit with optical flat and specimen,Spirit Level,

Bevel Protractor,Screw Thread Micrometer,Screw Pitch Gauge.

Utility :To covers curriculum of Metrology and Quality Control

of S.E. and T.E.


Lab Incharge : Prof. M. S. Shirol

Major Equipment : Universal Testing Machine 40 ton

Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester 150 kg

Charpy and Impact Machine 300 J Fluroscent die penetrant

Magnetic Crack detector machine with powder

Standard metallurgical microstructure test - Microscope

Muffle furnace 12" x 6" x 6"Double disk polishing

machine Universal Testing Machine 40 ton

Utility :To covers curriculum of Metallurgy of S.E.

Power Plant Engineering

Lab Incharge : Prof. D.G.Mhaisne

Major Equipment : Diesel Engine Power Plant Demonstration Kit

Utility :To covers curriculum of Power Plant Engineering B.E.

Heat Transfer

Lab Incharge : Prof. R. R. Rathod

Major Equipment : Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder

Thermal Conductivity of metal rod Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus Heat

Transfer Through Composite Wall Critical Heat Flux Apparatus

Parallel and Counter flow heat exchanger Heat Transfer in Natural

Convection Heat Transfer in Forced Convection

Utility :To covers curriculum of Heat Transfer T.E.


Lab Incharge : Prof. V. S. Dange

Major Equipment : Eighteen 4' feet bed lathe Machines

Horizontal Milling Machine,Drilling Machine

CNC Trainer,2 Wood turning lathe Different Sections at workshop:

Turning section, Machine shop,Welding shop, Tin Smithy and Black

Smithy,Fitting section, Carpentry Section.

Utility :To covers curriculum of F.E. , project work fo B.E. and other

fabrication work.


Lab Incharge : Prof. D. G. Mhaisne

Major Equipment : LVDT Trainer, Load Cell Trainer, PID Trainer,

X-Y Position Control System ,Linear Conveyor Control System, A/D

Convertor,D/A Convertor,PLC Trainer a. kit with water level module,

Allen Bradley software CD,Study of actuator kit,Data Acquisition

System, Temperature Characteristic trainer, Linear IC trainer OP

AMP Flip Flop Study kit,Flow transducer trainer Switch relay demo kit

(working module),Rotary table positioning system.

Utility :To covers curriculum of Mechatronics T.E.

Basic Mechanical Engineering

Lab Incharge : Prof. S. K. Bedajangam

Major Equipment : Cut section model of two stroke Diesel engine

Model of Muff Coupling,Model of Split muff Coupling

Model of Flange Coupling, Model of Flexible coupling

Model of Hook,s Coupling, Model of Oldham's Coupling,Model of

Single Shoe break Model of Band and Block Break, Model of

Internal Expanding Shoe Break.

Utility :To covers curriculum of Basic Mechanical Engineering F.E.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. V. R. Mohite

Major Equipment : Air Conditioning Test Rig, Vapour

Compression Test Rig,Ice Plant Test Rig, Vapour Absorption Test

Rig,Heat Pump Test Rig,Air Conditioning Test Rig (Window A/c ),

Refrigeration Fault Trainer.

Utility :To covers curriculum of Refrigeration & Air-conditioning B.E.

Approved by DTE

Approved by AICTE

Affilated to UoP

"Education today, more than ever before, must see clearly the dual objective: education for living and educating for making a living."

"James Mason Wood"

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