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In Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering total 12 laboratories are established for conducting practicals of S.E., T.E. B.E and M.E. These labs are well furnished. The labs are upgraded regularly. Innovative practices like projects based on Biometrics, Signal processing, VLSI and Embedded systems area are carried out in the Dept. Details of Labs , Software and Hardware Resources are as belows-

Digital Electronics & Logic Design Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof.S.A.Parchure

Major Equipment :

Trainer Kits

Digital IC tester

Network & Power Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof.N.R.Dharmashi

Major Equipment :



Function generator

Single and dual power supply

Power Electronics kits

Signal Processing Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof.A. Meenakshi

Major Equipment :

Signal processing software tools like Matlab

Code Composite Studio

Communication Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. Deshpande P.A

Major Equipment :

Spectrum Analyzer



Lab Incharge : Prof. T.P. Blessington

Major Equipment :

VLSI Software tools like Xilinx


Electronics Devices & Circuits Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. S.N.Rawat

Major Equipment :


Function Generators

Dual Power Supply

Test & Measurement Techniques Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. P.R.Shah

Major Equipment :

Vector Network Analyzer

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

LCR Meter

True RMS Meter

Project Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. S.P.Bagal

Major Equipment :

Various equipments required for Projects

Embedded Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. N.U. Halse

Major Equipment :

PIC 18f4520 Kits along with PIC kit 2 burner

ARM Processor Kits LPC 2148

LPC1768 kits along with simulation software tools.


Lab Incharge : Prof. P.A. Patil

Major Equipment :

PG Lab-1

Lab Incharge : Prof. V.G. Puranik

Major Equipment :

PG Lab-2

Lab Incharge : Prof. V.G. Puranik

Major Equipment :

Low Cost A3P Eval Starter kits

MSP 430 Launch pads

ARM9 Microcontroller Development Boards

SPARTON III Signal Processing kits

DSP Starter Kits

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