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In Department of Engineering Science total 8 laboratories are established for conducting practicals. These labs are well furnished and well equipped. Details of Labs and Resources are as below-

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Lab Incharge : Dr. Sharma Prafulla S.

Major Equipment :
Water Distillation Plant
Muffle Furnace with digital temperature controller-cum-indicator
pH Meter
Hot Air Oven with digital temperature controller
Digital Balance Model
Alternator-Motor Set
Digital conductometer
Indicator bottles
Distilled water drum
Hot Air drier

Engineering Physics Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. Swati Godse

Major Equipment :

Newton's Ring Built in apparatus
ULTRASONIC Interferometer apparatus
Cathode Ray oscilloscope
FUNCTION Generator
Lissajous figure kit
e/m by Thomsons method apparatus
Energy band cap apparatus
Digital multimeter

Basic Civil Engg. Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. Khalkar R D

Major Equipment :

Digital Planimeter Placom Make kp-90 n Model Roller Type
GPS Hand held Germin made GPS-12 model
Levelling Staff
Electronic Distance Meter, Digital range meter
Dumpy level

Basic Electrical Engg. Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. Manjusha Mishra

Major Equipment :
Three Phase Autotransformer
Single Phase Autotransformer
Analog Megger (1000V,DC,200M OHM)
Single Phase Transformer, Tapping on both sides (230/230V,1KVA)
Lamp Bank Loading Arrangement-3ph 415V,10A per Phase
Sodium Vapor Lamp 250V, 250w
Mercury Vapor Lamp 250V, 250w

Basic Electronics Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. Priya Shimpi

Major Equipment :
Function Generator 1MHz,Sine,Square and triangular output
Dual trace, Dual Channel, Oscilloscope 30MHz.
Rectifier with and without filter(Experimental kit
OP-AMP trainer kit Inverting and non Inverting amplifier
Trainer/09/09Study of Logic gates Digital IC Trainer
Single phase auto transformer230/0-270V, 8A
Common emitter amplifier kit

Basic Mechanical Engg. Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. Awate Sagar

Major Equipment :
Cut section model of four stroke petrol engine
Cut section model of four stroke diesel engine
Cut section model of two stroke diesel engine
Model of Muff Coupling, Flange Coupling, flexible Coupling
Hook's Coupling, Oldham's Coupling
Model of Single Shoe Brake, Band and Block Brake
internal Expanding Shoe Brake

Engg. Mechanics Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof. Rohini Khalkar

Major Equipment :
Simple & compound beam with all accessories.
Space Force System with all accessories.
Flat belt friction apparatus
Curvilinear motion apparatus

Computer Centre

Lab Incharge : Prof.Deepika Shewatkar,Prof. Sarita Pol

Major Equipment :
HCl-Infinity G-630 PDC
Intel Dual Core
18.5''LED, CPU-G630@2-70GHz
1.90GB RAM.

Drawing Hall

Lab Incharge : Prof. Vrushali Dange

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